The Ankara Jumpsuit pictured above was designed by me and tailored by St. Frimpong in Chicago, Illinois. 

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Ankara print is a huge part of my wardrobe and I’m constantly finding new ways to style and implement them into my daily look. Putting this outfit together started out with a trip to the fabric district in downtown Los Angeles where I stopped at Ashanti Fabric to pick up this lovely print.

Design process

I wanted to put a look togther that has never been done with Ankara fabric. I also wanted to keep it fitted, with as much detailing as possible. This was very important to me as I explained to my tailor St. Frimpong who’s responsible for the finished product. The Ankara jumpsuit features double pockets, including coin pockets and hidden zippers.

This look is great for making a statement during the fall season, just be sure you have the confidence to match this bold look!

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  1. Once this task is complete, Sian travels to the market usually by dala-dala (a local bus), to visit her fabric supplier, a family-run business. Sian takes her time (usually several hours in the sweltering heat) to select the best prints, which she thinks our customers will love.

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