The kaftan outfit pictured above was designed by me and tailored in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Every Nigerian has a couple of native attire in their closet for weddings, naming ceremonies, and other special occassion. African attires are typically bold, elaborate and might come across as costumey to those not familiar with the culture. I personally enjoy showing off my heritage by rocking African prints and native wear as part of my casual look. In this case, I wanted to design something that was modern, elegated and versatile.

Brief history of the Kaftan

The word “Kaftan” originates from ancient Mesopotamian and was worn by Persians as far back as 600 BC. The Kaftan was first introduced to Morrocco in the 16th century and would then spread across Africa becoming a staple attire for many Tribes.

Adding a modern touch

The first thing I tried to do was to make this look versatile, to do that I knew it had to be slim fitted as opposed to a relaxed fit. Secondly, I carefully selected a fabric and color that compliments my skin tone, and finally carefully styling the look with a straw hat from Wyeth USA and Liquid Gold Nike Air Max purchased from ebay.

The key is to keep it fitted, keep it simple.

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