In a recent interview, Ashley Stetts, founder of Stetts Model Management, shared valuable insights for aspiring models. From the importance of diversity to practical tips on breaking into the industry, Ashley covered a range of topics to guide those looking to pursue a career in modeling.

Diversity and Inclusion at Stetts Model Management:
Stetts Model Management stands out for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Ashley emphasized the agency’s focus on embracing unique qualities, such as freckles, gaps in teeth, and big hair. She highlighted the shift in the industry away from traditional beauty standards, encouraging models to celebrate their individuality.

Challenges in the Fashion Industry:
Ashley delved into the challenges models face, particularly in the context of European fashion houses. While acknowledging the persistent preference for tall, slim models, she emphasized the importance of understanding the market and being open to opportunities that align with individual strengths. Ashley shed light on the evolving landscape, with some London agencies recognizing the need for more diverse models.

Advice for Aspiring Models:
For those starting from ground zero, Ashley offered practical advice. She emphasized the significance of high-quality digitals, showcasing natural looks and different expressions. Ashley encouraged models to invest in professional photos, suggesting they research photographers agencies use and approach them for collaboration.

Understanding the Freelancer Lifestyle:
Acknowledging the freelance nature of the industry, Ashley advised models not to put all their eggs in one basket. She emphasized having alternative income sources, as modeling can be unpredictable with fluctuating bookings. The key, according to Ashley, is to enjoy the journey and not place excessive pressure on constant bookings.

Ashley Stetts provided a wealth of information for aspiring models, offering insights into the dynamic world of modeling. From embracing diversity to navigating industry challenges, her advice serves as a valuable guide for those embarking on a modeling career.

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