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Long gone is the era where keeping up with fashion, grooming and general well-being was thought to be something only women or metro-sexual males did. For a modern man, keeping up with style trends, overall appearance, and personal hygiene is a way of life. Most men consider their “swag” to be a major part of their personality that has the power to make or break his impression on others. Paying attention to details such as the cleanliness of your nails, the health of your hair, right down to the fabric and pattern of your socks helps a man leave a strong impression.

A man’s wardrobe should not only consist of the basic clothing essentials but should include grooming and travel necessities to fit into his lifestyle. Here are 10 must-have items every man should have…

1. A Classic Leather Wristwatch

Apple wristwatches are cool, but every man should own at least one classic wristwatch. You don’t need to go big on a Rolex, all you need is a simple brown or black leather wrist-watch to pair with a nice dress shirt or suit. I personally get more compliments on my $50 Timex genuine leather watch than when I wear my more expensive watches. A good site to find a high-quality classic wrist watch is, use my promo code (pepper15) for $15 off your purchase.

2. Skincare Products

Nothing more impressive than a man with great skin. Try Solo Noir® All Natural Facial Kit For Men: 3-in-1 contains DAPPER™Face Wash + Beard Wash, REFINED™ Buff + Cleanse, and SMOOTH™ Face + Beard Moisturizer.Solo Noir® All Natural Facial Kit For Men improves blood circulation, boost collagen production to assist in the aging process, and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Contains Solo Noir® DAPPER™ Face Wash, REFINED™ Buff + Cleanse, and SMOOTH™ Moisturizer.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boost collagen production to assist in the aging process
  • Suitable for all skin types

3. Shave System

From end-to-end, the Bevel Shave System is packed with natural ingredients to help you fight razor bumps and irritation. Sunflower, Castor, Olive Oils soothe and soften, Aloe Vera moisturizes, Tea Tree Oil calms and Lactic and Salicylic Acids help even skin tone and exfoliate.

4. Form Fitting Suit

An unspoken rule in men’s fashion is that every man must have at least one form fitting suit in his closet. If you can’t afford a tailor-made suit, an alternative is to get a quality suit from Zara and have it altered by a tailor if necessary.

5. Men’s Fragrance

Women love a man who smells good, and if you pick the right fragrance the thoughts of you will linger in her mind much longer. One fragrance I recommend is Bleu De Chanel.

6. High-Quality T-Shirt

Whether you wear it as an undershirt or not, a high-quality t-shirt is a wardrobe-staple and a must have for men. Be sure to get solid colors like black, white, and grey to pair with your slim fit jeans. A good place to find a high quality t-shirt is

7. Leather Wallet

The days of chunky “dad” wallets are behind us. Go for a slim yet functional wallet or settle for a card holder. Check out Comme Des Garçons Wallet.

8. Self-Help Book

Everyman should have a collection of books in their home. What better book to read than a self-help book. One I recommend is “The Power of Habit” – The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, being more productive, and achieving success is understanding how habits work.

9. Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is one of the most functional bags a man could have while traveling. Ditch the flimsy zip lock bags and opt for a quality toiletry bag to hold anything from your toothbrush, facial cleanser, hair cream, etc.

10. Travel Bag

Airport fashion is definitely a thing that people are starting to pay more attention to. The best way to men to express their sense of style while traveling is with a quality travel bag (duffle bag).



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