There’s nothing more rewarding as a model seeing your work featured in a magazine, better yet the cover of a fashion magazine. Getting on the cover of a magazine is hard work, but there are other ways to make it happen without going through the traditional route of finding a modeling agencies and then hoping you book a fashion shoot that ends up on the cover. In the video above, I share some secret ways to become a published model. You’ll want to start by taking on as many TFP (trade for print or trade for photograph) assignments as possible in the beginning. The more pictures you can gather for your book, the better. Many photographers are in the same position, needing a variety of photos for their personal portfolios. Therefore, models and photographers often work together in what is known as a TFP (trade for pictures)agreement. As a magazine model, you can never have too many photographs, and with this arrangement, you do not have to continue to shell out money to get new, updated pics for your look book. Start shopping your pictures around to local and regional magazines. Exposure is the key when trying to become a successful magazine model. The more exposure you have, the more likely it is that you will be picked up by increasingly larger publications. When starting out, take on as many local and regional assignments as possible. Doing so will give you some additional modeling experience and make it that much easier to market yourself as a professional magazine model.
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  1. I am Sohail Ahmed from Kolkata India. I want to become Model and I am fresher. I really came to know many more knowledge about modeling by watching your videos…
    Thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me..

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