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Weight gain has been a huge concern for many amid the global pandemic. No doubt quarantine 2020 has been challenging on our bodies, as well as on our emotional and mental health. If you’re like me, you’ve probably put aside your workout routine and standard diet during this stressful time. When I went from submerging my body in a tub full of ice to submerging my spoon in a tub of ice cream I knew it was time to instill some discipline by going on a raw vegan diet.

So What is a Raw Vegan Diet Anyway? 

Essentially, a raw vegan diet is a cross between the raw diet and a purely vegan diet. A raw vegan diet consists mainly of unprocessed, plant-based foods that are either uncooked or cooked at very low temperatures. Experts say it’s a clean way to eat but raise a concern about the nutritional deficiencies that may occur.

Going raw vegan for 5-days meant no animal products (meat, dairy, fish, eggs or cheese) and I could not consume foods that have been cooked beyond 118° Fahrenheit – to keep it simple I decided to only consume foods that hadn’t been cooked or processed in any way.

Why five days?

Calorie-restrictive 5-day diet plans are frequently recommended by top nutritionist as it allows your body to experience transformational changes without imposing on your lifestyle. On a low carb diet, it is possible to enter ketosis on the second day of the diet – of course, this depends on your metabolism, age, and other factors, but generally most experience the effects of ketosis between days 2-4.

A five-day diet is mentally challenging but short enough to commit to.

Day 1

raw vegan salad

The first day of the diet was the most challenging to complete, a transition diet would have made things a little easier. I went from a delicious shrimp bowl with rice and beans to a low-calorie fruit salad the next day. By mid-afternoon, I considered abandoning the diet altogether but decided to complete the first day at the very least.

Day 2

On the second of the diet, I decided to curb my hunger by getting some raw vegan-friendly snacks to enjoy between my meals. Those snacks included organic baby carrots, sun-cured olives, sun-dried kale chips, raw nuts, and assorted fruits.

Day 3

The third day of the diet is when I first noticed a bit of weight loss around my abdominal region. For breakfast, I had overnight oatmeal with cinnamon, raw cashews, and organic dates with oat milk.

Day 4

By the fourth day, I noticed an increase in energy and suppressed appetite, to counter that I made a raw vegan-friendly protein shake consisting of bananas, dates, raw almonds, cacao powder, hemp protein, and oat milk.

Day 5

Day five at last – this was the easiest day for me to complete as I began to enjoy the diet and increased energy resulting from the wholesome meals. I noticed a substantial amount of weight loss around my abdomen and found myself feeling full with smaller portions.

Pros and Cons of the Raw Vegan Diet

Overall, the raw vegan diet was exactly what I needed to get my health back on track and eliminate unhealthy eating habits I developed during the quarantine. Some of the benefits I experienced includes:

  • Weight loss (especially around the abdominal region)
  • Increased energy
  • Overcoming sugar addiction
  • Clearer skin and overall healthier appearance
  • Improved digestion (during the diet)

Since the diet is based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds there are bound to be nutritional deficiencies during those five days. Some of the negative effects I experienced were:

  • Restless sleep (days 2-3)
  • Muscle fatigue (days 3-5)
  • Mild constipation (after the diet)

Sustaining such a diet beyond five days could be potentially dangerous as most foods are meant to be cooked to kill toxins, bacteria, and other harmful compounds that may occur naturally.

If you’re looking for a healthy reset or a quick way to fight weight loss then I’d recommend you give the 5-day raw vegan diet a try. Contact me for tips and healthy recipes to get you through.

14 Replies to “I Tried a Raw Vegan Diet for 5-Days and Here’s What Happened”

  1. Great article. How much protein would you estimate you were consuming per day? Also, what were the sources?

    1. Great question! I’d say I consumed approximately 50grams – 75grams of protein each day. The sources were:

      Hemp protein powder – 20g
      Raw almond butter – 21g
      Spinach – 0.9g
      Arugula – 2.9g
      Misc nuts – 12g
      Oatmeal – 6g
      Watermelon – 1.7g
      Carrots – 0.9
      Olives – 0.8g
      Apple – 0.5g
      Misc Nuts – 5g

      1. Thanks! I have been looking to try being vegan but always worried about my protein intake as I am low carb. Do you have any other pointers for a low carb vegan wannabe?

        1. Well I think part of the reason we love carbs is because they help us feel full. You can try low carb alternatives like quinoa, Ezekiel bread or portobello mushroom as a sub for bread, pancakes made with almond flour, vegan egg substitute and ripe bananas, baked butternut squash as a substitute for potatoes, and spiralized zucchini for pasta.

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to point out that a raw vegan diet does not immediately imply low calorie/restriction or low carb.
    Most people who live this lifestyle eat abundantly in both carbs and calories!
    Not hard to meet the daily requirements or even go beyond, if you’re wanting raw veganism to be a sustainable long term lifestyle, that is.

    Just wanted to clarify that since I found it to be missing, yet important to notice, in this article.

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